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                      EarthPositive Details

                      EarthPositive is a ‘wholly ethical’ textile brand that is certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (by Control Union and Soil Association) and by the Fair Wear Foundation for ethical labour practices throughout its supply chain. It is also, crucially, low carbon, having reduced the CO2 and other green-house gases emissions by some 90% through the use of green renewable energy in its production – a claim verified by the Carbon Trust within its pilot carbon-labelling initiative. See EarthPositive Articles.

                      EarthPositive Catalog 2017-2018

                      English model and actress Lily Cole visiting EarthPositive factory in India

                      Lily Cole visited India with the Environmental Justice Foundation, EJF, to follow the supply chain of a climate neutral t-shirt, from the hand cultivation of organic cotton right through to the factory built out of recycled materials, making T-shirts whose carbon footprint is 90% smaller than that of a conventionally manufactured equivalent.